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Addon for Cockpit CMS, that adds some ui options for the CpMultiplane frontend.


Copy this repository into /addons and name it CpMultiplaneGUI or use the cli.

via git

cd path/to/cockpit
git clone https://github.com/raffaelj/cockpit_CpMultiplaneGUI.git addons/CpMultiplaneGUI

via cp cli

cd path/to/cockpit
./cp install/addon --name CpMultiplaneGUI --url https://github.com/raffaelj/cockpit_CpMultiplaneGUI/archive/master.zip

via composer

Make sure, that the path to cockpit addons is defined in your projects' composer.json file.

    "name": "my/cockpit-project",
    "extra": {
        "installer-paths": {
            "addons/{$name}": ["type:cockpit-module"]
cd path/to/cockpit-root
composer create-project --ignore-platform-reqs aheinze/cockpit .
composer config extra.installer-paths.addons/{\$name} "type:cockpit-module"

composer require --ignore-platform-reqs raffaelj/cockpit-cpmultiplanegui

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